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Letters to the Editor
Gamers vs Developers vs Publishers

The Escapist Staff | 1 Feb 2011 09:25
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In response to "Thanks For all the Fish" from The Escapist forums: Oh man, it's been a while since I've seen anyone talk about that game (if you can really call it a game). While I've always know about the whole double entendre/creepy man-fish abomination that you 'converse' with angles, I wasn't aware that the game lampshades the sexual innuendo in the title, or that they reproduced like that (shudder).

So yay learning? Only not really, because now I just have additional nightmare fuel, darn it all.

- Gildan Bladeborn

No mention of Leonard Nimoy? He seemed to add an air of credibility to it...until you met your fishman.

I'm pretty sure that had to be one of the selling points. Or at least why my Father was so keen on getting me to play that game when I was like nine and most of the references went over my head. It was the only thing I recognized at least.

(Now I know what he meant...)

I liked this article. Such a nice nostalgia bonus...and the reason why I plan on having a dog and not fish. Never fish. They just won't stand up to the snarky asshole quality that is Seamen. I miss you guys...

And then I'll go away again and realize I forgot to feed you again! Or that I ran out of food for the advanced fish. Or it's really awkward to talk to you guys after sex/eating the seaman I named (RIP Frank)/I had a life for a day.

Did that happen to anyone else? You go away for like a picnic...and come back and everyone is dead.

- CleverCover


In response to "The Shining Force" from The Escapist forums: I've played Shining Force 1 & 2 to bits. Most recently the PS3 compilation ones. Those games have so much flavour it's uncanny. They're simplistic by today's standards but excellently designed, unlike the bloated Disgaea's of these days.

Never owned a Saturn myself and keep away from the emulator/piracy lot these days. Played GBA's Sword of Haya and Shining Force CD though (one of the few good games for the SEGA-CD).

It's been said SEGA lost a lot of the original code for their Saturn titles (I've read on VFDC that Virtua Fighter 2 was among the casualties, it was due to a fire I believe, could've been a reason for that Genesis VF2 port instead of the far superior Saturn version), so the chances for compilations of games for that system are very slim. We can only pray SF3 ep 1, 2 and 3 weren't among the games lost or that Camelot still has them lying around.

The fate of the Shining Force series always brings a tear to my eye. Those grand days of yore lost to the intricacies of business execs. It's the SEGA refrain chiming in again and again.

SEGA saying they normally don't pay attention to non-Japanese feedback doesn't surprise me in the least. Us Western Virtua Fighter fans have been getting the short end of the stick ever since VF3 came out. You want TB? Have an inferior port. You want VF4? Okay, we'll even throw in VF4E, but don't count on FT. VF5? Well okay. VF5R? VF5FS? hahahha, no way, oh yeah, you also need to be on a Japan-only proprietary network to use the arcade cabinets even if you have the money to buy one.

The much touted VF5R petition was met with a fancy phrased cold shoulder. Well, we like you and all, but we can't say anything at this time.

- Vortigar


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