Marketing was, and possibly still is, the worst part of the video games industry. Because of marketing, some poor fools actually bought Shaq-Fu.

- Michael O'Hair


In response to "The Making (and Unmaking) of a Nintendo Fanboy" from The Escapist forums:
This pretty much hits it perfectly. A lot of us grew up in those times. It's hard to resist the pull.

You touched briefly on a subject that I think deserves more attention as an instigator of fanboyishness among the grew-up-in-the-80s sect: Nintendo Power. I think back then a lot of us had that as our only video game magazine, our only exposure to the greater video-game world. And it was squarely targetted at those of us who were too young to understand that it was pure, shameless propaganda. Sure, it had tips and strategies for the games we were playing, but it was Nintendo's house organ, and they pushed games they wanted to push by giving them heavy coverage (*gives Battletoads the evil, evil eye*). Nintendo Power was in-house propaganda on the grandest scale. And it did its job brilliantly on those of us who barely even considered Sega as a competitor. (I actually knew someone with a Master System, a console that I immediately discounted when I discovered the system design was so bizarre that they put the pause button on the console.)

I still refer back to my old Nintendo Powers sometimes, because it's more fun than just looking up GameFAQs. But now I know well enough to look past the shameless pushing, and instead just laugh at how out-of-date the late-80s, early-90s vibe looks today.

- Sabrestar

Back in the days pre-internet (basically before everyone had it available on 10 different devices you use daily), the console wars actually made sense. Unless you picked up every gaming magazine available worldwide, you wouldn't know the specifics of all the games and systems so you felt a need to be loyal to the system you chose. Now thanks to the web it's an archaic thing, you know what has what and what does what, if you don't it's only because you failed using Google.

I had all the systems from the dedicated Pong units to the 360. The only reason I don't have a PS3 yet is because I had a stroke and had to quit working. I'll get one (by saving what little money I get from family from doing things for them) but I don't feel that I should make tax payers buy me one from my disability check.

Great article.

- RowdyRodimus

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