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A) Now I want some sex-bacon.

B) Dude, you rock. Way to go.

C) You couldn't figure out the puzzles in Portal? Seriously? ;-)

- Metal Brother

This is an incredibly cute article, and a great alternative to the standard "How's the face-shooting going, honey?" school of marital relations and video games.

- Robyrt

Nice article. It was nice to see a sort of human interest story as a change of pace. But even better are the stories it has evoked in the replies. You are really bringing in some lovely nostlagia, as well as shedding a light on a different kind of playing. Kudos.

- Gyrefalcon


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I loved the article, it reminded me of my valiant quest for a 486.

It was an interesting time to be a gamer, when thrilling new technological possiblities opened up and game designers were stuck with the task of figuring out what exactly you could do with them. FMV games with actual actors you'd heard of granted a sort of legitimacy to gaming, however weird those games and casts were in retrospect. 3D graphics you might actually want to look at. New experiences that simply weren't possible the year before.

I so wish I could go back to the 1990s.

- megs1120

Killing Time was amazing!

I was always creeped out by the "Here Boy" shouted out but the hunters, signaling that soon you were about to be attacked by dogs-from-nowhere.

Also, no matter how many times I heard it, I always think the apparitions say "shoot me," despite EVERYONE telling me they say "help me."

Thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane.

- Mumorpuger


In response to "Ad Wars" from The Escapist forums:
Ah, what a nice trip down memory lane. It really is incredible thinking back on it all. I was in late elementary school during the Console Wars of the early 90s. It really did feel like a deep divide. I had a Genesis first, so obviously that was the shit and the SNES was for losers. Then I actually got a SNES later on, way late to the party. All of the sudden, I realized what I was missing by picking one side or the other. Games like Super Metroid, Final Fantasy 6 (3 at the time), Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Super Mario World. It was honestly really revelatory looking back on it now. I don't think I realized at the time how much it shaped my views on gaming.

I had a similar experience during the CD Wars of the late 90s. I had an N64 first, followed by a PlayStation after. Final Fantasy VII was the catalyst, as I'm sure it was for many other people as well. But I still got games for both, and I realized that both had unique experiences and by that point, I wasn't interested in the ridiculous vitriol of both camps. Ever since the 16 bit days, I've owned almost every major console.

- Dorkmaster Flek

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