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SKX is a serial killer in Condemned but that series just goes off the wall after a while so...

I think the answer to the question is that players *are* serial killers. Think about it, the player butchers thousands of NPCs in the average game often in a repetitive style or with a limited arsenal.

Some games even have you take trophies, most noticeably from boss fights.

Although most players are like the evil squared love child of a Spree killer and Serial killer.

- Scorched_Cascade

I think the problem with making a game about being a serial killer, aside from moral issues of course, is making it somewhat sandbox but without making it mass-murder.

Take GTA. You aren't a serial killer. You are a mobster. What is associated with that is that you are going to kill people to fuel your own goals. But each death is kind of empty.

Take Dexter as a good example of this. He stalks his prey, learns habits and then kills and disposes of them in an exceptionally precise way. This is how I think a serial killer would be best represented. A game replicating this well would have to be endlessly deep. You would have to be able to target anyone, go anywhere and have an amazing amount of freedom. It would have to be essentially open ended, and simply end when you are caught.

This I think would translate amazingly as a game experience. Imagine how it could play out. You start off as a novice, killing people haphazardly, but slowly gain skills and make cleaner and cleaner kills. You could eventually master the perfect murder. But then the game would have no point? But then like has been seen in real life, you could start making purposeful mistakes, or leaving messages to enhance the experience.

Long story short, it could be amazing, but would have to be focused.

And also, murder is very wrong, just in case I was coming across as a aspiring murderer :S

- Reallink


In response to "Zombies Rule, Vampires Drool" from The Escapist forums:
While vampires can go surfing in the Californian sun for all I care, I'm now getting sick to death of my once beloved zombie. You can't throw a rock without hitting a designer who thinks "I have a great idea for a new mode: Zombies!"

It does play into our egos. We got the tools, we got the talent, let me mow them down and I'll survive it all. Hell, most games are about that now, but from a different stand point. Most games: You're out gunned and you're out classed, but you'll find a way to make it some how! Most zombie games: They are over there, you have guns, show them good old fashion Human ass kicking.

It's so EASY to put zombies in nowadays that it's just played out. Like any song you heard on the radio, it keeps playing and playing and playing until you are forced to try to remember when you found it to be innovating and cool.

- ObsidianJones

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