And for that matter Zombies too have had their fair of intellectualizing. Through the night of and return of series we've seen zombies that talk, rationalize and even attempt to find some measure of tolerance for those still living. So now the big deal with zombies apart form the mindless gamer analogues we mostly know, is to discuss them in light of social ills like the treatment of minorities. We aren't at the point where anyone is writing zombie romance books yet but give it 100 years. The ladies will be pining for "Team GWUAHaaaAHAHHHHAW" by then, I assure you.

- Ghengis John


In response to "Contemporary Immortality" from The Escapist forums:
Dracula is a figure of horror, but not all vampires are. Lately the concept of becoming a vampire via bite has been less a metaphor for rape in which the victim's will is brutally subjugated and more of an opportunity for a Changeling fantasy where a world full of magic and mystery is suddenly visible. I mean, that's fine, but that kind of fantasy doesn't sit well with me, in which superhuman power is obtained by birth or accident rather than by the exercise of the character's will or choice. Dracula had to sell his soul for that shit, y'know?

- Fleaman


In response to "Vampire of the Rising Sun" from The Escapist forums:
Ahh, the eternal fascination with the beautiful-dead.
There is this long-standing theory that the image of the vampire is most summoned in times of economic crisis, whilst in times of economic prosperity, the image of Frankenstein replaces it in the public mind.

And if you look at recent economic history, this theory seems to hold water.
We've seen the rise of the Borg during late-century periods of economic flourishing, used mainly in the same way as the original idea of Frankenstein's Monster; as a response to ensuing technological developments, the Borg, much like Frankenstein represent the notion of defying Death through Scientific achievement.

Subversively, the idea of Vampirism palates to the notion of maintaining Integrity and Beauty even beyond the veil of Death. Resisting the corruptive forces of decay in the context of a society that seems to be crumbling around itself ...THAT is the pivot-point of the Vampire's allure and fascination.

The main tangent between these two seemingly disparent ideas is Immortality.

- Neferius

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