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Letters to the Editor
What I Learned from Games and Comics

The Escapist Staff | 1 Mar 2011 08:57
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In response to "One More Turn, Dad" from The Escapist forums:
What a great article. It brought joy to both myself and my wife.

My son is only 5 and he has the same passion for gaming (video and boardgames and I just introduced him to D&D) that I do. I look forward to the day we can play as peers like you and your Dad. Its amazing how something as small as just playing games with your son (or anything really - basically spending time with him) can have such a long lasting impact.

I can second the motion to give Alpha Centuri a go ... if you can stand the ancient graphics the mechanics are great. I also recommend Master of Orion 2 - Civ in space.


- Michael Mifsud


In response to "Grandpa Holds the Cards" from The Escapist forums:
Back in the 90s at my father-in-law's place of work they got a whole bunch of new computers and upper management had all of the games removed for fear that people would waste company time playing them. However as my father-in-law pointed out many of the employees who got these computers weren't computer literate and card games like solitaire and freecell are great ways for people to get used to using a mouse and other simple operations.

Upper management didn't listen but I always felt like he had a really good point here.

- Hungry Donner

Nice read. I'm 30 now, and with my ever-expanding library of games, one thing's for sure. When I retire, FreeCell isn't the only game I'll be playing... ;)

I worked in a retirement home a few years back, and have been involved in recreational activities in other institutions aimed at retired persons and the elderly as well, but the latter was not a full-time job. I haven't seen much in the way of "alternative entertainment" for this demographic, but have realised that they should be (to a greater extent) exposed to computer games. The only problem is that a lot of these people still see games as a form of entertainment solely aimed towards children.

This article reminds me of the time I introduced a 75 year old that lived home alone to the standard Windows game pack, starting with Minesweeper. The man had been a captain on a large merchant vessel before, during, and after WWII, so I found his enthusiasm for Minesweeper (and telling stories from the war) quite amusing. :)

- CosmoK

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