The Year in Review by Miracle of Sound

MiracleOfSound | 18 Dec 2012 12:00
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Community Site of The Year: Skyrim Nexus

Modding is intimidating stuff. As a complete newbie to it this year, the Skyrim Nexus was an invaluable tool for me. From the Nexus Mod Manager, which helps you organize up to hundreds of mods to work together and completely change your game, to GopherGaming's wonderful tutorials for both the total newbie and the advanced uber-modder, the Skyrim Nexus shows gamers at their most creative, helpful, ingenious and generous. It's essential for anyone with even a remote interest in PC Skyrim.

Personal Highlight of the Year: Escapist Expo

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Meeting you guys, the community, was a wonderful, eye-opening, fun experience. I think it's safe to say that all the contributors had an absolute blast chatting with you, hearing your stories, doing panels for you and sometimes drinking heavily with some of you, hehe. Susan and the guys did an amazing job and I can't wait for next year.

Personal Lowlight of the Year: Tinnitus

No surprises there. Fuck this horrible condition and my heart goes out to anyone who suffers from it full-time. I'll be back making music for you guys soon though, I promise. Just gotta wait and see what the specialists say first.

Best Game Mechanic of the Year: Blinking (Dishonored)

Shooting around around Dishonored's environments using Blink was ridiculously fun but it also rewarded you. See a ledge that looks like you can Blink to it? Yep, you usually can and there's usually something hidden there, too. Simple, elegant, pure fun.

Worst Game Mechanic of the Year: Lopsided Lag Compensation (Black Ops 2)

Treyarch are great at patching game imbalances this year. They've been working hard to make sure everything is statistically fair. Pity we don't all play on LAN then isn't it? Not one single shred of the gun stats matter a fuck when the basic, fundamental game mechanic is completely broken for so many players.

The lag issues in COD have gotten steadily worse every year since Black Ops 1 (I personally rarely ever had issues in Modern Warfare 2 or Call of Duty 4) but this year they make the game completely unplayable 50% of the time for, if YouTube and Twitter are to be believed, around 60-70% of gamers. Players with better internet connections are harshly penalized by the over-active lag compensation to the point where they can be up a half second behind, which is enough time to be killed twice over in this fast paced game.

I quit playing Black Ops 2 after about 2 weeks, a record for me. Enough of my personal property has been damaged in the name of that franchise. The sad part is, it would probably the best COD ever made if it weren't for the constant frustration of shooting first and dying. When your official forum is dominated by threads telling people how to make their web connection worse to get a better game, you know something ain't right.

So there you have it folks, my look back at 2012. Have a lovely Christmas, guys. See you as soon as I can with some new music. Big love.

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