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Matt Cabral | 17 Feb 2010 12:00
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Ratchet and Clank (Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time)
Adorable and always ready for action, Ratchet is a perfect fit for a game-to-toy makeover. The lovable Lombax would look right at home in a serious collector's display case or in a toddler's toy box. And just like any responsible action figure, he comes packaged with cool accessories: two over-the-top tools of destruction - a pistol and his trusty wrench - fit snuggly in his hands (paws?) and his mini metallic robo-buddy Clank, who folds up and attaches to his back. Just don't place this one too close to anything breakable, as Ratchet's continuous quest for bolts could prove fatal to your more fragile valuables. Captain Qwark, Dr. Nefarious, and Armored Ratchet sets are also on the way.

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