Epic vs. Red Storm Paintball

John Funk | 13 Jul 2010 12:00
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We wouldn't find out in the next match, however, because the teams were split in your standard "captains pick" style you may remember from elementary school. This new game was on the heavily-forested Lake map, so named for the large lake in the center of the field that forced attackers to either take the long way around or risk crossing a narrow and potentially dangerous bridge. Though it was slightly smaller than the neighboring Fort, it felt much bigger thanks to the abundance of natural cover (also known as trees).

The fighting was thick and fierce, and it seemed that both sides were a bit too eager to shoot at a moving target that happened to be a certain embedded reporter ducking for cover. This was also the only match in which it was over a good two or three minutes before the shooting stopped, because two groups on the same (winning) team had the other pinned down by friendly fire. Good communication seems to be the key to victory - who knew?

For the final match of the day, we returned to Fort to play a round of assault/defense. One team (Epic) had the fort, the other team (Red Storm) had to take it or kill all of the defenders (which pretty much would equal taking it). The fighting was slow, in short bursts as the attackers raced from cover to cover, trying to flesh out and take potshots at the well-entrenched but outnumbered defense force.

Is 'full assault' an option in Ghost Recon?
Is 'full assault' an option in Ghost Recon?

Ultimately, the Red Storm attackers wore the Epic defenders down. One or two well-concealed defenders held off the invaders by themselves for a while after the bulk of the fighting was over, but ultimately they too fell - and the day was Red Storm's. It had been a hot day filled with paint wounds and bug bites, but it had been a good day to get painted nonetheless.

So, with Red Storm's win streak, does this prove that time spent making tactical shooters - and presumably a familiarity with what you should be doing in a squad-based combat environment - is key to victory in paintball? Well, no, not really. See, there was another advantage on the Red Storm side: They had one guy who really, really liked paintball and had armed his coworkers with some powerful private weaponry - whereas most of the Epic side had been using field-rented guns themselves.

If anything, it proves that while tactical knowledge can help (and Epic really should have been using more active reloading) the hardware can make more of a difference.

Clearly, the Epic guys just need to show up with a bunch of paintball Lancers next time around.

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