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The Escapist Staff | 6 Aug 2010 10:00
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PC vs Console Arguments

I love PC vs. console flame wars.

Now, don't get me wrong. They're horrible to read, they make my head hurt when they get too over-the-top (and they get too over-the-top more often than not), and many of the participants involved could use a good smack upside the head. Delving into one too deeply is like walking through a burning ring of fire except you don't have the awesome voice of Johnny Cash.

But I still love them because of the place they come from. When you think about it, every PC vs. console flame war - or hell, every console vs. console argument - boils down to this: Our chosen platform is the best way to play videogames. No, it doesn't necessarily make sense to cling so fiercely to a specific company or piece of hardware like it's a childhood stuffed animal, but the very fact that these games inspire such passionate debate should be heartening. No matter what irrational rhetoric is actually coming out, the root argument is the same: "I love games, and this is the best way to play them. Why can't you agree and see my side of the story so you can start playing the games in the best way, too?"

For that matter, there's much to be said that we even have this diversity. PC gamers crow of the versatility and the customization - the sheer, boggling complexity - that their platform has to offer. Console gamers praise the plug-and-play experience designed to be shared with others from the comfort of your couch - games that you can play together with a parent, a loved one, or a child. We have both of those, and the fact that PC/Console debates still ring strong on message boards to this day is just proof positive that neither is going away, and that there is a gaming platform out there for everyone, no matter what they're looking for.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

-- John Funk

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