The Escapist's BlizzCon Cosplay Gallery!

John Funk | 26 Oct 2010 16:30
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Whenever you go to a large convention of any kind, you're almost certainly bound to see at least some well-done cosplay - we've made showing you our favorites a regular practice at this point. For whatever reason, though, Blizzard's annual celebration of its popular Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo franchises seems to inspire a particularly high level of cosplay talent. Perhaps one ought to say a ludicrously high level of talent - this is, after all, the convention where an attendee was spotted riding on an animatronic turtle mount.

The Escapist was at BlizzCon 2010 last week in Anaheim, California. While we couldn't take a picture of every single awesome cosplayer there - there'd be no time left to actually see the games - here are some of a few that we managed to catch (in actual photograph-able lightning, no less)! I swear that Diablo III monk who won the contest must have used Vanish as soon as she'd gotten off the stage ...


This holy warrior is ready to lay the divine smack-down on some demonic foes.

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