2010: Year in Review

The Escapist Staff | 31 Dec 2010 12:00
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January 5th, 2010

"Frumpy Mom" Says Videogames Made by the Devil


According to a staff writer at The Orange County Register, videogames were created by Satan to turn children into "drooling, glassy-eyed stooges." And it gets worse from there.

Marla Jo Fisher refers to herself as a "Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom" on The Mom Blog. Her post from December 27th was called "Videogames Were Invented By The Devil" and it details why she doesn't allow games to enter her house. Despite the fact that she looks and reads like the fictional columnist at the Onion, Jean Teasdale, her anti-gaming message is all too real.

"After my son plays [games] at his friends' houses, he comes home irritable and testy for the rest of the day," she said. "Even though his skin is normally mocha-colored, after a day spent in a darkened room with a controller in his hand, he comes home with a sickly pallor."


Read more and what the "Frumpy Mom" said in response to gamers calling her out.

January 25, 2010

Dr. Phil Yells At Woman For Her FarmVille Addiction


As part of his trends for 2010 show, Dr. Phil examined one woman's addiction to the Facebook application, FarmVille, calling it a "a ridiculous computer game."

Dr. Phillip McGraw is a popular American talk show host known for dealing with people's relationship or personality problems. He's also pompous as hell. In a recent show, he tackled a terrible affliction currently gripping the nation in its hay-covered grasp, the Facebook application FarmVille. Dr. Phil asked his guest, a mother named Teresa, the hard-hitting questions on her battle with growing crops and raising chickens.

"Are you worried about your crops as you sit here?" he said.

"Before I came here, I made sure that none of the crops were going to die," Teresa replied.

"There aren't really any crops," Dr. Phil informed her. "That's just a little image on a screen. They're not going to die."

Thanks for pointing that out, Doc. Now you're going to tell me that those people on the picture box telling me to kill my family aren't real either. Sheesh! And they call you doctor.

Read more.

January 26th, 2010

Gun Enthusiasts Complain About the "Call of Duty Effect"


Many gun enthusiasts complain how amateurs believe that they know about firearms due to playing videogames like Modern Warfare 2, which feature real guns.

The owner of the gun site, The Firearm Blog, was surprised to realize that the most popular search term that led to his site was an obscure gun unknown outside the firearm industry, the Bushmaster ACR. That was until he realized that the gun was featured in Modern Warfare 2.

"I was surprised because, compared to the AKs, M4s and Glocks of the world, the ACR is relatively unknown outside of the industry," the blog's owner, Steve, wrote on December 8th, 2009. "Have any other bloggers noticed the Call of Duty effect?"

Read more.

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