Sega Timeline

The Escapist Staff | 27 Jan 2011 17:00
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Sega has been making electronic games longer than any other company in Japan or around the world. The history of the Creators of the Hedgehog has had many ups and downs, but it somehow keeps chugging along. Sometimes Sega zooms up with a killer console like the Genesis, or a breakthrough franchise like Sonic, but then soon after falls on its face with the Saturn/Dreamcast.

This timeline follows the theme of Issue #290 of The Escapist Magazine which is a retrospective of all things Sega. Head over there if you're interested in looking back at what made the Genesis great with games like Herzog Zwei or what the heck that Seaman was all about.

For now, follow along with our handy-dandy timeline to learn where Sega came from, where it went right, and where it all went terribly wrong.


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