Favorite Hardware Hacks

Greg Tito | 6 Jul 2011 12:00
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If there's one thing that the internet has proved, it's that there are some awesome people out there doing amazing things with electronics. Or maybe now they just have a ubiquitous platform for them to show off their tinkering. Either way, we are blessed with the chance to check out the crazy results of their labors, but chagrined at the fact that most of these items are one-of-a-kind and we'll never be able to own them ourselves. That is, unless we can offer the creators a huge lump of money and ask them to recreate their masterpiece.

But sadly, that's not case.

Plan B is to take a look at the pictures and videos of these amazing hardware hacks in action and drool into your keyboard. Whether it's a breathalyzer built into a Nintendo Entertainment System-era game or a working steampunk laptop complete with handcrank, these hardware hacks will excite your imagination and make you green with envy at the talents of their creators.


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