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Greg Tito | 6 Jul 2011 12:00
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Breathalyzer NES Game

What's better than getting drunk and playing videogames? Getting drunk in order to play games on a home-built breathalyzer controller. That's exactly what electrical engineer Andrew Reitano and his pals did one evening to create the custom controller and accompanying videogame DrunkNES.

Reitano explains how this totally awesome hack came about, and as you can imagine there was some imbibing of alcohol involved.

I came across an alcohol sensor and thought it would be fun to play with. I hooked it up to a scope and showed it to a couple of friends I had over. A couple of hours later we had a ROM with the sound pitching up as it detected more alcohol - which we really couldn't stop laughing about.

From there, Reitano assembled a team to make a quick game, with his friends pitching in art assets and coding expertise. The game is heavily based on terrible animal puns, but that's something we can forgive considering that you get a higher score the drunker you are.

The world is a better place because of this work. Thank you, Andrew.

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