Guest Columnist: The PS3 Needs to Be “Underpriced”

Bo "Orakga" Jinn | 12 Sep 2008 17:00
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Case in point, the Wii is $249, but once you buy all the "necessary" peripherals, you're looking at a $400 investment before you can enjoy your Wii. But people don't care. They go to a store thinking that they want that $249 machine. Then once they've made that mental decision, it's not hard to squeeze an extra $40 here (game) and an extra $100 (Wii Fit) there.

Same goes for the 360. People don't know or care that the $199 Core system can't do Xbox Live, and doesn't have a HDD and headset. All they see is $199, and when they leave their homes, they are going to EB Games to buy that $199 system. They don't care or know that they need to spend an extra $60 for the hard drive, $20 for the headset, $60 for a game, then $50 for Live. Why? Because the price that gets advertised is $199, and not $380, which is the real cost.

My point? Know your customers. Understand their financial parameters and accommodate to their lack of foresight and research, and show them a $299 pricepoint. Who cares if they need to spend another $60 to actually start playing a game, and that an additional DS3 costs $40?! They don't. Yes, I really, really hate to say this, but it's time you learned how to Pander. Because the public is too stupid to do the math/research itself.

(I am greatly ashamed to have patronized my potential peers, and I sincerely apologize for my bluntness)

Just imagine this. And I'm being somewhat serious here:

The "PS3 'CORE' Package"
Price: $299
Included in Package:

  • Standard AV cable (these people don't even own an HD TV anyway!)
  • 20 GB hard drive (let them complain about the HDD size after they buy the system; and release a Sony-branded 120GB for $60; people can already add 250GB drives for $100 if they do it themselves)
  • One (1) Sixaxis controller (make them pay for their own Dualshock 3s)

Honestly, whatever little Sony may lose on the console, it'll easily make up if it can turn around and make sure the PS3 can once again be seen as "THE" videogame system to own, thereby solving the perception issue.

But Sony doesn't get it. Sony doesn't even understand its own 10-year strategy, and it may not be until it loses this console war that Sony finally learns it.

Bo "Orakga" Jinn believes everybody is a closet gamer. Most just don't realize it.

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