The Escapist Pets on Parade!

Susan Arendt | 21 Jul 2009 14:30
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This week's issue of The Escapist celebrates our virtual animal companions, so it seemed like the perfect time to show off our real-world pets, too. Not that we really need much of an excuse. We're complete suckers when it comes to animals, as you might have guessed by now.

Shockingly, you won't find a single pony in the bunch, but you will find plenty of well-loved and utterly spoiled critters. Most of them were also rescue animals, adopted from shelters, taken off the streets - one was even saved from a cardboard box.

So here's to you, oh ye furry (and sometimes scaly) friends without whom our lives would not be the same. Sure, we'd be able to sit wherever we wanted and our furniture would have way fewer chew marks, but what's the fun in that?

Join our celebration by posting snaps of your pets, too - just please enclose them in spoiler tags to save folks with slower connections.

And now...to the gallery!

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