Yahtzee Wrote a Book

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw | 16 Jun 2010 12:00
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XxSuperSimonxX: pff
XxSuperSimonxX: just three wont matter
doublebill: they kind of will actually
sunderwonder: anything that doesn't belong in the world can corrupt the build
XxSuperSimonxX: okay fine
XxSuperSimonxX: ill get barry onto it
sunderwonder: barry who
XxSuperSimonxX: hes the npc I put on top of the yawnbore job
XxSuperSimonxX: ive been talking to him a bit
XxSuperSimonxX: its amazzing how intelligent the npcs are. I think we should all be very proud of what weve done on this project
doublebill: you only just joined
XxSuperSimonxX: anyway gotta run
XxSuperSimonxX: got important work to get on top of, cant sit around chatting like you two slackers
XxSuperSimonxX signed out at 9:58AM
doublebill: do you think hes actually going to do any work
sunderwonder: god I hope not
sunderwonder: that's the only reason I suggested it
sunderwonder: with any luck hes wanking himself raw as we speak


Mogworld is the first novel by Yahtzee Croshaw. It will be available August 31st 2010, and can be pre-ordered through Barnes & Noble, Borders Books and Amazon.

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