Costumes of Gen Con 2010

Greg Tito | 9 Aug 2010 17:20
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One of the joys of attending any gaming or nerd-culture-oriented conference is taking in the myriad of people who attend them. It's a fascinating cross-section of big and small, thin and thick, fancifully dressed to tee-shirt clad.

On top of all of these different people are those who choose to attend conferences not as themselves, but as a character from a piece of literature, a videogame, a movie, or (in the case of Gen Con) their imaginations. There were fewer superheroes than at San Diego Comic Con, but that's to be expected.

Here are a smattering of the best costumes I saw while I was in Indianapolis this weekend for Gen Con. I tended to like the more creative costumes, as opposed to the slutty. The fantasy genre was well-represented, as you'd assume from a convention that stars Dungeon & Dragons and was started by Gary Gygax. But there was more than a few costumes from videogames including this awesome Big Daddy from BioShock:


This was the best group of Gen Con. The Little Sister stayed in character the whole time.

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