Lost Planet 3 Review

Paul Goodman | 27 Aug 2013 17:30
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Lost Planet 3, a prequel to the series, takes us back to the planet of E.D.N. III, once again giving us a chance to once again pilot big mechs and fight even bigger creatures in a frozen landscape. However, unless Dead Space 3 didn't give you enough opportunities to slay monsters in an unforgiving icy wilderness, Lost Planet 3 isn't going to feel very different from other third person shooters.

Lost Planet 3 actually starts with the game's protagonist, Jim Peyton, trapped and dying under a rockslide on E.D.N. III while his granddaughter tries to save him. Flashing back fifty years earlier, we learn that Peyton came to E.D.N. III as a contractor for a massive corporation called NEVEC, which hopes to mine a unique resource present in E.D.N.'s wildlife, called the Akrid. But, in a predictable fashion, you'll soon discover you aren't alone in the icy wastelands, and that Peyton's home base of Coronis isn't NEVEC's first attempt to exploit E.D.N. III's resources. As far as sci-fi stories go, Lost Planet 3's narrative is engaging enough to hold your interest from one plot point to the next, but only barely. Aside from some interesting characters, your quest to solve the mysteries of E.D.N. III and reveal NEVEC's conspiracies lacks a solid pacing and can feel dull.

When not on foot, you'll be tromping around the snowy wastes of E.D.N. III in your Utility Rig, a massive mining mech that you'll control from a first-person perspective. Sadly, your Rig plays the part of a large piece of mining equipment a little too well, and travelling the game world is a slow and arduous process, mitigated slightly with the ability to fast travel between some areas. Unlike previous games in the Lost Planet series, your Rig is devoid of anything resembling actual weapons, meaning you'll have to rely on your trusty claw and drill arms to win any fights. You'll be able to crush smaller enemies underfoot or with a swipe of one of your arms, but in combat against the larger, tougher Akrid, you'll have to rely on patience and good timing to survive. Since your rig is slow and bulky, you'll have to focus on side-stepping carefully around your opponent and picking the right time to block or counter attack with your Rig's arms. There's an interesting challenge in figuring out what pattern of strikes and grapples you'll need to tear apart some giant ice crab that's trying to smash its way into your cockpit.

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