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Joshua Vanderwall | 20 Jun 2014 14:30
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Story mode will have you platforming your way through a number of diverse environments, from graveyards to laboratories. There are several boss battles along the way, which pits you against some of the best-known monsters in horror history; Hyde, The Mummy, Dracula. The voice acting is surprisingly sound for an indie title, and the music throughout the game is perfect for the quasi-gothic-horror motif that BotW puts on, complete with haunting pipe organs.

There's also Score Rush mode, which I'm not enough of a masochist to spend much time with, but will offer the more serious platformers out there a way to show off. You'll run through levels and try to achieve the highest score, collecting the most collectibles, and so on. While this will lend some staying power to the game via Leaderboards, the real post-story mode fun is Endless Challenge.

Endless Challenge is procedurally generated platforming that pits you against a random series of platforming segments of increasing difficulty. The goal is to simply survive as many rooms as possible with your limited lives. This mode offers a lot of replay value for those who have mastered all of the story levels already. While you can likely learn how to navigate the finite number of different rooms, the random placement of obstacles and enemies within will still keep you on your toes throughout.

Blood of the Werewolf is exciting, brutal, and extraordinarily fun, but it's not going to appeal to everybody out there due to its sometimes-absurd difficulty. More easily frustrated gamers will decry it for being unfair, or even impossible, but those more willing to take a beating and keep trying will tend to appreciate the care put into making it a serious challenge, while keeping it just shy of impossible.

Bottom Line: BotW is best played on your TV from the couch on a console, and best enjoyed by players looking for a challenge. If you don't like dying, you should probably avoid it entirely, but if you're a persistent sort of player that doesn't mind having to try a segment a few times, it has a lot to offer.

Recommendation: Fans of classic action platformers should almost certainly give Blood of the Werewolf the old college try. Easily frustrated gamers, however, should steer clear if you value the lifespan of your controller, and possibly TV. While the 360 version recently launched at $6.99 on XBLA, the Steam version is just $2.09 until the end of June, so if you've got a PC that can handle it, you can save a few bucks with the Steam version.

This review is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

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