Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Review - Adventurers Assemble!

Janelle Bonanno | 23 Sep 2014 11:18
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Toy Box mode is where the upgrades to Infinity 2.0 really shine. The entire Toy Box experience has been revamped, eliminating most of the problems I outlined in my Disney Infinity 1.0 review. Object snapping now works flawlessly and the toy cap has been increased, allowing for more detailed and connected designs. There is also the addition of a robust toy filing system, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for more easily. Doors, unlocked via the tutorial, even allow you to link separate toy boxes together. 2.0 also comes with additional logic creation toys, themed arrangements with procedurally-buildable worlds. Pre-assembled templates, complete with logic tools now provide a starting point for those plagued with sandbox creators block, like myself. The addition of core action restrictions allows for players to create structured games within the Toy Box, shareable either with friends via multiplayer or via cloud sharing, allowing others to play your creation while you're offline. Combine that with the new Disney Interior, a customizable home you can use as a base center for all your creations and collectibles, and the worlds you can create are seemingly limited only by the toys to your avail and your own imagination.

Items for your Toy Box are not immediately available. There are a handful of items initially provided that will give you somewhere to start, but the vast majority are locked. Some of the items are unlocked through gameplay progression in Play Set adventures. Others, you must purchase using the blue spark in-game currency. Don't worry, these are not microtransactions. Sparks are mainly collected by defeating enemies and breaking items in adventures and you'll easily find yourself sitting on a pile of 20,000 or so after a single adventure playthrough. They can also be collected by interacting with a multitude of items in the Toy Box.

You can even share and download pre-made Toy Boxes, created by Disney and Infinity community member alike, through a community share center. You can access up to 100,000 Toy Boxes for download, although there aren't 100,000 Toy Boxes currently available. Short on console storage space? Private cloud storage allows players to save up to 300 different Toy Boxes before having to worry about deleting your favorite vintage creations. Add it all up, and you are looking at endless hours of creation and play.

Sadly, you're going to be disappointed with the multiplayer. Infinity 2.0 supports online multiplayer for up to 4-players in the Toy Box, which is fantastic for long distance playdates. Unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer support for Play Set adventures. Oh sure, there's 2-player couch co-op, but the baffling exclusion of online support makes this feel more like a starter edition from the 90s than what the latest and greatest has to offer.

If you've already bought into the original Disney Infinity 1.0 released last year, you'll be pleased to note the 1.0 figures are forward compatible with the 2.0 Toy Box. By simply placing the 1.0 figurines on the 2.0 Infinity Base, you will unlock access to the corresponding toy set. In addition, 1.0 characters will be upgraded to the new 20 level cap with their own, new skill tree. Unfortunately, you can't play any of the original Play Set adventures and none of the items from Infinity 2.0 will work with the old edition.

All told, Disney Infinity 2.0 is a major Toy Box overhaul from the original with minor enhancements to be found in Play Set adventures. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes offers an immersive superhero experience for children and simple play for adults. Play set adventures may come off as bland and repetitive compared to some of their 1.0 counterparts, a negative for adult gamers. But ultimately, keep in mind this game is made for children ages 6 and up, who will revel in the structured progression and familiar goal sets.  

Bottom Line: As a children's game, Disney Infinity 2.0 definitely delivers an adorable casual game experience. But as a game solely for grown-ups, it's a little lackluster due to repetition and lack of online play in the current Play Sets available for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.

Recommendation: Disney Infinity is still a must-have game for gamer families with children of all ages, but Infinity 1.0 owners and those who love the Disney fantasy universe and could care less about Marvel may want to wait until the Toy Box Starter Pack is released in November.

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