Super Chibi Knight Review - Super Adorable RPG

Marshall Lemon | 26 Jun 2015 14:00
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Now that's not to say each path is equal. From a design perspective, the Beastmaster path is way more dynamic than Sorcerer, adding fresh new mechanics and fantastic creature designs. Meanwhile, half of the Sorcerer spells are ordinary combat boosts - Fire Sword and Shield specifically - while Lightning burns through your entire Special meter so you don't feel especially powerful. That's not getting into the fact that riding a Beast just looks plain cool.

But here's the twist - from a gameplay perspective, the Sorcerer path is more engaging. The Sorcerer's island has bigger dungeons to clear and more platforming content to explore compared to a linear Beastmaster path. You can also mix and match gameplay approaches - one could hurl lightning and mop up remaining enemies for one combat, then play the tank by absorbing damage with heals spells the next.

Most importantly, the Sorcerer path is challenging and satisfying. Playing the final act as a Beastmaster is fun but game-breaking - you could just summon a dragon and blaze across each boss challenge in minutes. But Sorcerers must use every skill in their arsenal to win, making a magical victory cathartic and memorable. In other words, the Beastmaster path is suited to casual players while Sorcerers are Super Chibi Knight's Hard Mode. It's great to see a game feature both approaches, but having some middle-ground between them would've been nice.

Thankfully, Super Chibi Knight is highly replayable. Each campaign can be completed within 2-3 hours, and there are all kinds of side quests that will keep you occupied for multiple campaigns. The game has secrets and achievements to unlock that I still haven't solved after two playthroughs. It even uses that old-school Zelda system of unlocking cheats with your file name - for example, you can use the developer's daughter's name to max out your equipment before the very first quest. I find myself hoping Super Chibi Knight will get more content down the road, but in the meantime you can't go wrong with what's here.

I mean, there's armor with room for her set of pigtails. How adorable is that?

Bottom Line: Super Chibi Knight is an absolutely charming retro RPG that will engage you from beginning to end. The campaign is on the short side - much like its hero - and the difficulty curve is through the roof at times. But it's satisfying all the same, and will draw you in through both of its story paths.

Recommendation: If you're looking for a unique retro platformer, Super Chibi Knight should fill your niche. Booya!

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