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Mitchell Saltzman | 16 Oct 2015 15:00
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Ear Wax


I was actually expecting Ear Wax to be the ugly duckling of the pack, but to my surprise, Ear Wax is by far the most entertaining of the new offerings in Party Pack 2.

On paper, the game doesn't sound all that exciting. Every round begins with one player as the judge, and the rest picking two sound effects from their own personal list that best go along with the prompt. Think Apples to Apples, but with sound effects.

If you're a fan of dirty toilet humor, this is the game for you. The prompts offered in Ear Wax are by far the most adult of any other game in the Party Pack 2 and may even have you giving sound effects to prompts involving your friends, like: "Player 2's idea of foreplay." I had my friends describing what my body odor smells like by using a series of farts and cartoon whistles.

It helps too that games of Ear Wax are nice and short. All you need is to earn the judge's pick three times and the game will end, allowing players to drop in and drop out with ease.

Mini Rating: 4/5



Bidiots takes the spot of Drawful from the last Party Pack in terms of being the only game that lets players express their artistic abilities, or lack thereof, which is a bit of a bummer because Bidiots isn't nearly as fun as Drawful

Players begin by drawing two items to be placed in an auction, with each item being designated an arbitrary monetary value that only certain players will know. When the auction begins, everyone has $3,000 to spend bidding on items that they believe are worth a lot of money.

Each player knows the value of three or four pieces of art, but no information regarding the others. The object of the game is to make the most profit by buying items you know are high value for as little as you can, while mind gaming to ensure your opponents overpay on items you know aren't worth much.

What makes the game difficult is that the two prompts everyone used to make their drawings are all very similar. So you might have information saying that "Slaughterhouse" is worth $3900, but upon winning the auction, you find that it was only worth about $600 because it was actually a picture of a "Meat Packing District."

This leads to some fun moments where a player bids on an item the rest are convinced isn't worth anything, and ends up making a huge profit when the item is revealed to be worth a fortune, or vice versa.

Bidiots is designed around creating those moments, but the problem is that they are often too few and far between, especially compared to the other games in the pack that offer those moments nearly every round.

Mini Rating: 3/5

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