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Mitchell Saltzman | 16 Oct 2015 15:00
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Fibbage 2

Fibbage was a game that was available in the first JackBox Party Pack and was one of the best games of the bunch.

It is a simple trivia game that has players answering almost impossibly obscure questions with lies that they hope will fool the other players into thinking they're true. The players' answers are then mixed in with the real one, and everyone must choose which answer they believe to be correct.

As they say, the truth is often stranger than fiction, and if you weren't a believer of that phrase before, you will be after a couple of rounds of Fibbage, because some of these answers are absolutely insane.

You may have noticed that in describing Fibbage 2, I've really just been describing Fibbage. That's because there's really not much of a difference between the two games. Fibbage 2 adds more questions, has an updated look, and adds a new feature that allows players to remove all choices outside of one lie and the truth once per game, but other than that, this is more of an expansion pack than a sequel.

Mini Rating: 4/5

Quiplash XL


Speaking of expansion packs, that's exactly what Quiplash XL is! Quiplash is probably my favorite game of Jackbox Party Pack 2, but also the most disappointing as someone who has played a lot of Quiplash.

If you have never played Quiplash though, you are in for a treat. Like all of the best games in the pack, Quiplash is very simple.

At the beginning of each round, players will receive two prompts that they must answer with just a word or a phrase. Once all answers are in, the game will match players who responded to the same prompt and show their answers. The remaining players vote on the quip they like the best and points are awarded based on how many players liked each response.

Essentially, it's Cards Against Humanity without the cards. And just like Cards, if you've got a group of like minded friends who enjoy a good laugh, magical moments happen when playing Quiplash.

What's disappointing is that even with 100 new prompts and the added DLC pack, I was still getting multiple prompts that my friends and I already heard before. It's also puzzling how Fibbage 2 was able to add the ability to choose your avatar and sound effect, while Quiplash XL, or any of the other games in the pack for that matter, don't give you that same option.

Mini Rating: 5/5

It's also worth mentioning that Quiplash XL, Fibbage 2 and Ear Wax all have an audience feature that allows players who are watching via a streaming service to join in the game remotely and affect the outcome, which makes it the perfect game for streamers who are looking to find a way interact with their followers.

On the downside, the website that players must used to connect to the game still isn't perfect, and we had a few games that we were cut short due glitches. To be fair, I've had less issues with glitches in Party Pack 2 than the previous game, but it can still be frustrating to have a game suddenly end, especially when you're looking forward to seeing the reactions of your friends to one of your answers.

If you've already got the last Jackbox Party Pack and Quiplash, there's not much reason to pick up Party Pack 2. For everyone else though, Jackbox Party Pack 2 is the ultimate party game, and any party you throw without it will just be a little less awesome.

Bottom Line: Quiplash XL, Fibbage 2 and Ear Wax are must haves and are worth the price of admission alone, assuming you don't have Party Pack 1 and the standalone Quiplash.

Recommendation: If you're the type who likes to invite over a bunch of friends to hang out, drink beer, eat pizza and play board games, Jackbox Party Pack 2 is the video game you've been looking for.

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