Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Susan Arendt | 21 May 2010 00:00
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That's not to say that every aspect of the game performs as well as every other, though. Mario has a few new suits to add to his closet: a cloud suit, which lets him create up to three clouds to use as jumping platforms, and the rock suit, which lets him spin like mad and roll over enemies. They're not all that bad, but they come up a bit short when compared to the cleverness of something like the bee suit (which returns, thankfully) or even the classic fire flower. Yoshi joins Mario on his space adventure this time around, too, and while you'll never hear me say a cross word about the adorable green dinosaur, the fact that you can only use him on certain planets makes his inclusion feel almost half-hearted. These are minor arguments, easily brushed aside when considered in the context of the game's overwhelmingly excellent design.

Super Mario Galaxy cleverly allowed Player 2 to help out with the game by letting them scoop up star bits while Player 1 did the koompa stomp, but Galaxy 2 goes even further to make your couch partner feel important. Mario is followed around by an adorable orange Luma who can not only grab star bits, but also snag 1ups and coins. Even better, Player 2 can now stun and event defeat enemies; certain sections of the game are designed specifically with that in mind, and can be a bit hairy to navigate solo. Mario has always been the kind of single-player game that was easily shared, but giving Player 2 something valuable to do makes swapping off controllers between levels even easier.

Core gamers may be concerned about the Super Guide feature in Galaxy 2, fearing that it will let people finish the game without actually playing it, but that's not quite the reality. If you're a Mario veteran - by which I mean you've played any of them for any length of time- it's more than likely that you'll never see the Cosmic Guide who shows up to help out once you've died a lot. Believe me, I died plenty in preparation for this review - it is a Mario game, after all - and I never saw her. Even if you do finally give in and let the Cosmic Guide do the work for you, you're still going to have to go back and do it on your own eventually; the bronze star you get for taking the easy way out won't do jack for the ship's engines. So while it can be a great tutorial, it's not like you can just sit back and complete the game on autopilot.

Bottom Line: Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn't tinker with the established formula very much, but we didn't really want it to. It's huge, brilliant, and gorgeous. It's why you started playing videogames in the first place.

Recommendation: If you didn't buy a Wii to play the last Mario Galaxy get one so that you can play Galaxy 2.

Susan Arendt is still waiting for Kuribo's Shoe to make a return to the Mario universe.

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