Review: PlayStation Move Roundup

Greg Tito | 18 Nov 2010 09:00
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Overshadowed by the launch of Kinect, titles that take advantage of Sony's PlayStation Move have been trickling out over the last month. Some of them were titles that were supposed to launch with the Move back in September but were delayed, while others are Move-enabled sports games. The best Move games are shooting games, oddly enough. Using the Shooting Attachment (read: gun) turns the Move controller into a light gun, and its hefty weight, combined with the fantastic accuracy of the Move technology, makes shooting the cowboys and robots really fun. Unfortunately, the other games try to simulate real life movements too much and are therefore not very fun.

The Fight - Lights Out

Previously known as Motion Fighter, this title was a proof-of-concept for the Move, a prototype of which was shown at many press events leading up to the launch. It didn't make the launch itself, but it's easy to see why. All of the pieces are there for a great boxing game. The Move controllers fit easily in your hands, and punching with them feels oddly satisfying. Casting Danny Trejo, the creepy looking tough guy from many a Robert Rodriguez film, as your trainer was a stroke of genius. But showing full motion video of him holding the Move controllers during the tutorial, not to mention him referring to them as "these bad boys," just feels wrong. The writing isn't great either, the game begins with Trejo looking at you in a basement gym saying, "So you want to be a fighter?" in the most cliché way. The game itself isn't that fun either. Why do I only land 1 in 10 punches when I'm aiming at the same place? Why do I have to punch so hard that I pull a muscle in back? Seriously, I'm still sore. And I didn't even win the match. I suppose The Fight might be an accurate representation of boxing, but that's not really what I want out of a game.

John Daly's Prostroke Golf

Prostroke Golf is a pretty good golf sim. You must have good form and follow through with your drive or you will slice it. Or fade it, or whatever the technical term is for royally screwing up a shot. It's easy to adjust the sensitivity of the Move controller so that amateurs have a decent chance of hitting a good shot, but if it's this hard on easy, you can imagine how frustrating it must be on the Pro mode. That said, the representation is robust, with a career mode and decent selection of courses and Pro golfers to play. I fear that Prostroke Golf falls into the same trap as The Fight; it's too good of a simulation of the real game of golf for regular gamers to get into it. But if you are awesome at golf, you can certainly challenge your friends to a stroke match and put a lot of balls in the hole. Just, please try to wear better pants than John Daly. Those are just embarrassing.

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