De Blob 2 Review

Susan Arendt | 1 Mar 2011 10:00
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de Blob 2 suffers from camera woes that can make exploration particularly vexing, and its targeting mechanic doesn't always work quite the way you want it to. By pulling the left trigger, Blob locks onto whatever target is closest, but your definition of "closest" and the game's will likely differ from time to time, sending you leaping off in precisely the wrong direction or, worse, changing you the wrong color. Many challenges involve painting something a specific hue, and having to return yourself brown because you accidentally crushed a blue paintbot is a pain.

The oddest choice the game makes is the use of a timer. You have a set amount of time to finish each level's story missions. Once you do, the time goes away and you can take as long as you like to putter around and explore. I rarely see the benefit of timed levels, but they feel particularly pointless in de Blob 2. You're given so much time that an experienced gamer is never going to be in danger of running out, and why force kids to play a level in a particular order? If they want to spend 15 minutes painting every last tree blue, why not let them? The timer seems to add nothing to the gameplay other than a vaguely nagging reminder that oh, yeah, there's a storyline that needs completing.

de Blob 2 has a Super Mario Galaxy-esque co-op mode that puts Player 2 in the support role of shooting enemies and painting that would've been far more enjoyable if the ammo was unlimited. Player 1 will have to spend Inspiration Points to increase the amount of ammunition Player 2 can hold - points that could be used to increase their own paint-carrying capacity or armor. Blob Party, multiplayer challenges to see who's the best Blob, are far more fun.

Bottom Line: de Blob 2's cheerful demeanor and simple goals make it a natural for the younger set - or anyone suffering from Grim Shooter Ennui.

Recommendation: If you're a parent, or looking to introduce a newbie to the world of gaming, this is a great choice. If you're a more experienced player just looking to indulge your gaming OCD, you'll find great satisfaction hunting down every last billboard, tree, and Graydian.

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Game: de Blob 2
Genre: Platforming
Developer: Blue Tongue Entertainment
Publisher: THQ
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS
Available from: Amazon

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