Resident Evil 6 Review

Paul Goodman | 1 Oct 2012 18:40
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Resident Evil 6 has all the makings of a classic Resident Evil game. It has herbs, awkward camera placement, slightly over the top dialogue and a huge collection of horrific monsters. So why does it feel like a Resident Evil game in name only?

Resident Evil 6 features a story that aims to be epic in scale, with conspiracies, global bioterrorism and, of course, genetically engineered living dead. Split across three campaigns, the game stars series protagonist Leon Kennedy, who starts his chunk of the story having just killed the zombified President of the United States; Chris Redfield, who's recovering from both PTSD and amnesia in order to battle a bio-terrorist attack in China; and newcomer Jake Muller, a cocksure mercenary whose blood holds the key to solving the whole C-Virus epidemic that's being caused by an evil organization called Neo-Umbrella. The separate campaigns offer up a different take on the overall narrative, and each is built around varying gameplay styles - Chris' campaign is more action oriented, for example, while Leon's is more geared towards survival horror. There are even a few instances where the campaigns cross over, but instead of giving you the chance to see how a particular battle plays out from another perspective, they're mostly just a rehash of the same section with the only difference being the character you control.

While the events and set pieces of each campaign are mostly different, they all blend together into the same b-grade action game that just doesn't really feel like it belongs in Resident Evil. Each campaign is a linear path and, although there is some variance in the overall pacing of each campaign, most of your time will be spent in combat. You'll be going through a large amount of ammo as you shoot your way through a variety of creatively designed enemies, but even running out of bullets is hardly a death sentence since each character can simply change to melee attacks when their guns run dry.

From fierce urban combat in Eastern Europe, to exploring a church/secret bioweapons lab to fighting against a widespread outbreak in China, Resident Evil 6 does have some enjoyable action sequences. But ultimately every level descends into the same formula of "shoot everything that moves, reload, repeat" with some scripted quick time sequences thrown into the mix. Even Leon's campaign, which is supposed to be the scariest of the three, is still full of repetitive situations where you're expected to shoot your way to safety.

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