The Escapist 2008 Holiday Buyer's Guide
The Escapist Holiday Buyers' Guide: Gadgeteer

Team Humidor | 6 Dec 2008 09:00
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Holiday shopping time! It's a little rough every year - agonizing over finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, wondering if you'll be able to find that special thing in time. Of course, this year is a bit more difficult, since so many of our wallets are, well, emptier than usual. It's times like this you want to know the money you spend is going to make your loved ones smile.

That's why we're here with our holiday shopping guide all this week. Each day carries a different theme, representing different sorts of people with great gifts sure to be winners. Just find the days that best match your giftees and buy with confidence. Happy holidays!

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Remember those holiday mornings that held the promise of new toys? Those days have sort of gone by - it seems holidays are more about kids, doesn't it? But it doesn't have to be that way! With one of these gadgets and goodies possibly waiting for you in gift wrap, you'll be waking up at 6 A.M., just like the old days. What are the holidays without toys?

Razer Lycosa Keyboard


Razer bills its Lycosa Keyboard as being ideal for gamers, but you'll appreciate it no matter how you spend your time at the computer. The low-profile rubberized keys make typing easier and more comfortable than other keyboards - perfect for you master bloggers out there. At a touch, you can turn on the keyboard's built-in LED backlighting to illuminate all the keys, or just the standard WASD foursome, meaning you'll never have to guess where the buttons are in the midst of a heated gaming session, even in the dead of night. Light? Psh. Who needs light?


LED Umbrella

The LED Umbrella is perfect for those who dream of electric sheep, but still enjoy taking long walks in the rain. Even if you don't know the Tyrell Corporation from Taco Bell, you'll appreciate the way your brolly lights your way on dark and gloomy days.

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