Summer E Games 2010
2010 Summer E Games Caption Contest

Jeff Palumbo | 16 Aug 2010 12:00
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New to this year's Summer E Games is the Caption Contest, where we'll give you four photos and let you decide if they could use slight modification and a caption to go along with them. From there, hilarity ensues and the community picks their favorite. Then, of course, we give out badges.

The Rules

  • You must be a registered member of The Escapist. You can sign up for your free account by clicking here, or Login with Facebook.
  • Choose up to four of the images found below to add a caption to
  • While you are welcome to change the photo around a bit, this is a CAPTION contest. Click here to visit the photoshop contest
  • Your final art must be no bigger than 640x640
  • The caption/text must be ON the picture you are submitting
  • All entries must be submitted in jpg, jpeg, gif formats
  • You are allowed 1 entry PER PICTURE (totaling 4)
  • Email all submissions to [email protected] WITH your Escapist username. Failure to include your username negates your entry

The deadline for this contest is Tuesday, August 24th at 11:59PM EDT. The top caption ideas will be chosen and posted for voting.

The Pictures that Need Captions

Thank you to Styeb on Flickr for the use of this picture. Visit his page by clicking here.

Thank you to amandabhslater on Flickr for the use of this picture. Visit her page by clicking here.

Thank you to nerdcoregirl on Flickr for the use of this picture. Visit her page by clicking here.

Thank you to m.a.r.c. on Flickr for the use of this picture. Visit his page by clicking here.


The winners will be decided based on the number of votes received. Voting will begin on Wednesday, August 25th and will end on Friday, August 27th at approximately 5PM EST.

The Prize

Gold, Silver or Bronze and perhaps even an Honorable Mention or two! However, unlike other events, this event has 4 separate entries for winning! So, if you are REALLY GOOD (or really lucky), you have the chance of winning 4 gold badges in one event.

A Special Thank You

This idea is great and has been a topic of conversation around our office as well as the community, so we would like to thank Portal Maniac for bringing it to our attention!

Permanent Banning

If you are found cheating in any way, shape or form, you will be permanently banned from all Themis Media properties and have all previous medals, badges and titles stripped.


By participating in this contest, contestants grant Themis Group, Inc. the right to print, publish, broadcast and use worldwide in any media now known or hereafter developed, including, without limitation, the World Wide Web, at any time or times, the contestant's name, as news or for public information and education without additional consideration or compensation. Any entry becomes the property of Themis Group, Inc. and will not be returned. Entrants surrender copyright and all interests therein of their submissions to Themis Group, Inc. with the understanding that the materials may be used for promotional purposes.

By participating in the contest, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to Themis Group, Inc.'s privacy policy.

Employees of Themis Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries or affiliates, and any family members and/or household members of these employees, are excluded from the contest.

Entrants release Themis Group, Inc. and its respective parent divisions, affiliates, officers, subsidiaries, agents, employees and all others associated with the development and execution of this giveaway from and against any liability with respect to or in any way arising from this contest and the awarding and use of the prizes.

Tampering with the giveaway in any manner is prohibited. Themis Group, Inc. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether the contest has been tampered with. Themis Group, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any entrant it suspects or has determined, in its sole discretion, has tampered with the promotion or submitted multiple entries. If Themis Group, Inc. determines that the contest has been tampered with, it reserves the right to terminate the contest without awarding any prizes. Themis Group, Inc. shall not be responsible for any entry not received due to network outages; failed, incomplete, garbled, or delayed computer transmissions; online failures; hardware, software or other technical malfunctions or disturbances; or any other communications or transmission failure.

Participation in any part of the Themis Group, Inc.'s "2010 Summer E Games" implies an understanding and acceptance of these rules and regulations.

Void where prohibited.

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