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Our Top 10 Star Wars Games

Stew Shearer | 29 Nov 2014 08:00
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Super Star Wars Trilogy

Original Release: 1992, 1993, 1994, Platforms: SNES

Ah, the 16-Bit gaming era; when platformers dominated the console landscape and movie-to-video game adaptations were insanely easy to produce. Sure, many of these adaptations were easy cash-ins, but the Super Star Wars series was among the best. This franchise turned each of the original films into 2D side-scrollers that were rapidly embraced by young Star Wars fans. And while the action gameplay meant every scene was basically a shootout, since this was Star Wars it actually kind of worked.

That young novice, Luke Skywalker, was incredibly good with a blaster, single-handedly fighting off a Sarlaac and leading an explosive one-man assault against the Jawa. He only got more powerful after his Jedi training too, flinging and recalling his lightsaber at will to devastate his enemies. Leia, meanwhile, kills Jabba in her slave outfit and annihilated bounty hunters and goons blocking her way with nothing but a chain. The non-platforming sequences were more accurate by comparison, but no less fun. Taking out speederbikes on Endor, flying through an asteroid field, or blowing up the Death Star(s) from the cockpit of a ship felt just as thrilling as the movies, assuming you didn't mind the 16-bit style.

But perhaps my favorite memories of Super Star Wars were playing around with cheat codes. You haven't truly enjoyed Star Wars to its fullest depths until you play as Wicket the Ewok and take out Vader and Palpatine using infinite thermal grenades. Thankfully, these games are still available on the Wii Virtual Console, giving everyone the chance to experience that pleasure again and again.

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