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Our Top 10 Star Wars Games

Stew Shearer | 29 Nov 2014 08:00
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Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

Original Release: 1998, Platforms: Arcade

There's this kid's fun center about twenty minutes away from where I live. We don't go there very often anymore, but back a few years ago it was a semi-regular dinner stop for my family. They'd go for he pizza and I, being eternally locked in the mindset of an eight year old, loved playing the games. Especially Star Wars Trilogy Arcade.

Trilogy Arcade is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You pop in some quarters and get to play through a series of levels based on famous sequences from the original Star Wars movies. These play out primarily as on rails shooting games where you'e move you forward automatically and use a provided joystick to blast Tie Fighters and Stormtroopers. There's also some nifty bonus rounds where you get to duke it out with the likes of Boba Fett and Darth Vader through a series of quick-time events.

Back when I first encountered it though it was probably one of the best looking games I'd ever seen and, simple as it was, it was still fun and challenging. I never passed up an opportunity to play it and beating the whole game sincerely became one of my life goals. Sadly though, it's one that I fear I'll never complete.One day when my family went to lunch, the fun center had replaced Trilogy Arcade with a Deal or No Deal game. It's been four years and I've never seen it since.

A bit of advice: if there's an arcade machine you want to beat, just do it. Don't be cheap about it or insist there will be another day for it. Get yourself a big bag of quarters and get it done before it disappears and you're left feeling empty every time you drive past Pizza Putt.

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