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Our Top 10 Star Wars Games

Stew Shearer | 29 Nov 2014 08:00
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Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Original Release: 2005, Platforms: PS2, PSP, XBox, Windows

Well, yeah. Of course Battlefront 2.

There's a reason why the fans kept begging for a new sequel to this series. Battlefront was one of the few games that came anywhere close to replicating the massive scope of Star Wars conflicts, throwing dozens of units against each other in a struggle to claim the map for your team. And sure, it's basically just classic Battlefield gameplay with a Star Wars re-skin, but it made great use of the space opera setting.

First of all, you had a wide array of character classes each based around elements of Star Wars lore, such as droid builds in the Separatist army or Stormtrooper troop types. The level designs looked and felt the same way they appeared in the movies. Most levels had vehicles that, when used correctly, could completely alter the playing field. You could even activate playable hero characters for either the light or dark side, each of which could wipe the floor with infantry units until someone finally put them down.

But the best addition, hands-down, was the space combat. Oh man, the space combat. Jump into a waiting fighter? Launch yourself from the docking bay? Dogfight enemy fighters? Disable your opponent's cruiser? Everything came together for a top notch gameplay experience. Daring players could even load themselves onto a troop transport and attempt an assault on the docking bay, occupying the ship from within. Later handheld versions expanded this with surface-to-space combat, where players fighting on the ground could fly into space to take on enemy capital ships. But it never felt quite as fresh and exciting as when introduced for the first time in Battlefront 2.

The only thing that personally disappointed me about this game was that a few maps from Battlefront 1 never made the transition, but that's a very minor point against an overwhelmingly solid experience. Here's hoping the reboot fully lives up to everyone's expectations.

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