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Top 5 Video Game Space Battles

Stew Shearer | 2 May 2015 08:00
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Warning: This article contains spoilers!

In this crazy world of ours, there aren't many solid, uncompromising truths. In my experience, however, there is at least one rule you can always count on: space battles make everything better. Your epic science fiction wasted too much time dicking around with the "final five" and needs to close with a bang? End it with an epic space battle. You need to distract moviegoers from the fact that you still haven't killed that stupid Gungan after two prequels? An epic space battle can help with that.

It's not just in movies and TV either. Video games, since their inception, have played host to some of the best space battles our puny planet has ever seen. Inspired by my time with Freespace, I decided it'd be fun to look at a few of my personal favorites. I've picked five (with a few honorable mentions) that have stuck with me over the years. Take a look and let me know which ones left the biggest impression on you.

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