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Top 5 Video Game Space Battles

Stew Shearer | 2 May 2015 08:00
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3. Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader - Battle of Endor
Back in the N64 days, I spent an untold number of hours playing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. As a result, you can bet that I was looking forward to its sequel Rogue Leader when it was first announced. Due to my eventually getting a PS2 instead of a GameCube however, it would be years before I actually got around to playing it. It's unfortunate because when I finally did play it, it lived up to pretty much all of my expectations. Best of all, it corrected the biggest flaw with Rogue Squadron; the lack of actual space battles.

Whereas Rogue Squadron limited you to missions over the surface of planets (or the Death Star), Rogue Leader featured several levels that let you indulge in the chaos of a no boundaries bout in space. The crown jewel of these was, by far, the Battle of Endor. Obviously based on the battle of the same name from Return of the Jedi, the game pulled out all the stops and delivered an over-the-top and intense fight where you're completely outmatched but, just like in Return of the Jedi, somehow still manage to stand toe-to-toe with a vastly superior force. My personal favorite part of this level was engaging two Star Destroyers "at point blank range!" Taking down one of them earlier in the game was enough of a challenge. Destroying two within a time limit to keep them from annihilating Admiral Ackbar's flagship? Intense it was.

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