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Good Old Editorial - The Most Ridiculous Post Apocalypses In Gaming

Marshall Lemon | 7 Nov 2015 08:00
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Mega Man

Mega Man isn't a series I often play, but the backstory always felt like some sci-fi Game of Thrones-ian epic. Its fictional timeline is massive, detailing thousands of years between the creation of sentient robots and a distant future where they become Earth's dominant life form. And since this is a post-apocalypse article, guess what happened to humans along the way?

For context, the original Mega Man series covers 200X to 20XX, when robots are an integral part of everyday human life. Mega Man X and Zero follow 21XX on, where a new robot race called Reploids is created and grows in numbers. The struggles between humans and Reploids continued for years, most prominently in a deadly series of wars that reduced human populations by 60% in four years. But eventually, the two species finally forge peace and decide to unify their societies. Things are looking up!

Until you reach Mega Man Legends. This series jumps ahead thousands of years to 80XX, where Terra is completely flooded save for a few small islands. But instead of reverting to Waterworld-styled societies, humankind has been completely replaced by organic androids called Carbons. These are human-like androids with skin and organs which can be upgraded with mechanical body parts. The last "true humans" abandoned Terra for the Elysium space colony, but have since gone extinct, leaving behind their DNA for possible cloning. (And the process for resurrecting humans is halted once it's realized doing so would drive Carbons to extinction.)

In other words, Mega Man is the story of robotic uprisings, a series of devastating apocalyptic wars, and the terraforming of Earth during humanity's final transition into a cyberpunk race. Pretty heavy stuff for Capcom's beloved blue robot.

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