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Gaming's Fringe Cults

Joe Blancato | 19 Jun 2007 08:02
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But the death of SubSpace is the last thing on anyone's mind. Even they were hit hard by World of Warcraft's arrival, but the team plans on rolling out the PR wagon to draw new people to the game. They intend to focus on how varied the game can be - "In what other game can you go from playing an Unreal Tournament-style game to an Infantry-style game?" - as well as how working on a collaborative development can lead to paying jobs within the industry. "Many of our players ... have now gotten jobs in programming, or designing," he says, "and have said they found Continuum an easier jumping leap than any other game, as so much more programming is needed, and you're starting literally from bare scratch in many places."

Whatever the marketing outcome, Binford is extremely confident in the team's lasting survival. "Honestly, this game will never die as long as we keep playing it and enjoying it, so I see it lasting until our 20-year anniversary and beyond."

Go Tell It on the Mountain
The one question I had when I first reached out to these community spokespeople was, "Why?" In a medium where anything is a dinosaur after its fifth birthday, dedicated, hardcore gamers are spending huge amounts of time on something most people won't be able to run on a modern computer in a few years. What keeps them so committed?

Everyone's answer settled on three things: The game resonated on a special, nostalgic frequency; overwhelming confidence in the game's staying power; and they've grown close to the people who feel the same way. "There is no alternative if you love this kind of game," says NMA's Philipse. Hard Light's Avery does put emphasis on the game, but "on the verge of sounding quite sappy now, but it honestly has to be the people. I've not seen any other community where so many people have put so much hard work into a game that - in all honesty - isn't likely to see a sequel."

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