MMOG Gold Rush

MMOG Gold Rush
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Michael Zenke | 26 Jun 2007 08:04
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While everyone is hopeful for future, Cyanbane was especially prosaic. "I think you're going to see the start of user-generated channels, like a consortium of [MMOG]-related video feeds. I don't think it will be like your standard TV, but I think that people will really want to sit down and watch that. I think there will be a lot more user-generated content. I don't want to say it will change the world, but over the next 10-15 years I think we're going to see a ridiculous shift to micro-advertisements from Google and the like, attaching itself to user-generated content. I think we're looking at people sitting down at their computers instead of their TVs."

Whatever form the medium takes, the outgrowth of MMOG communities will continue in new directions in the coming years. Be it videos or podcasting, media-savvy community leaders will ensure the player base never lacks for something interesting to talk about in a pick-up group. As the genre widens, and titles other than World of Warcraft begin to attract attention, these communities will be on the forefront, helping players better enjoy their games.

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