Why Haven't They Made This?

Why Haven't They Made This?
Capitalism is teh suxx0r!!111!

Mark Wallace | 4 Oct 2005 08:05
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October 1
Chief Economist goes live! I'm sticking with the game even though the invasion issue apparently hasn't been worked out yet, and even though my country was wiped at the end of beta. I didn't like where things were headed anyway. I moved over to the Thatcher server and rolled a Market Capitalist country called Profitania. Looks like I'll have some stiff competition over here. I nabbed some oil-rich desert sands near a coast with a good commercial trading route, and I've already got tariff deals worked out with my neighbors.

The new client rocks! You can zoom in on an oil field and actually adjust the length of workers' shifts (roughnecks work long days), or you can sit back and monitor charts from your office. Speaking of offices, the firm has been tense lately. There's some kind of investigation going on. All the analysts now have to disclose their positions whenever they so much as open their mouths in public. That doesn't apply to me, of course, since I'm a trader. Still, things are kind of creepy around there. Fortunately, there's Chief Economist waiting for me when I get home.

October 5
I hate trolls. I've been watching the Chief Economist forums for any news of the invasion patch that's supposed to come out in Q4, and there's this one guy, N4dr, who just chaps my ass, always going on about income gaps and purchasing power parity. He doesn't see why GDP should be the measure of success. He wants Adam Smith Games to implement a Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness index. I couldn't resist: I logged on as an alt and flamed him, explaining that it was money that makes the virtual world go round, pal, and if he didn't like it he could take his subscription fee and go home. Guess what his response was: "Capitalism is teh suxx0r!!111!" What a noob stick.

November 10
Okay, I know no game is immune to real-money trade, but this is ridiculous. One of the countries that borders me, Banania, is a Command Economy - his people do what he wants, but he has to deal with all kinds of other problems like importing food and a high death rate and all that. Anyway, he's been buying my oil, which has been great, but now I find out he's been using it to produce small arms and selling them to one of the Plutocrats on the next continent. Then he takes his profits and sells them on eBay. I raised my oil prices but now he's stopped buying (we don't have OPEC on the Thatcher shard yet), so now I've had to start printing money just to keep my refineries going. And guess WTF happened? Inflation! I proposed a deal where I buy his small arms. He's thinking about it. Still haven't heard back on my petition about the invasion issue. I've gotta diversify.

December 25
It's been great to have a week off work, and I can't afford to fly out to see my family in California this year, so I've been spending all my time in Chief Economist and loving it. My initial assessment of the game seems to have been overly pessimistic. I hear the invasion patch is coming soon, that troll N4dr seems to be gone from the forums and I've got a deal going with the Command Economy on my northern border where he buys my oil, I buy his guns and the Plutocrats have had to start taking out high-interest loans because their citizens don't know how to do anything but manage numbered bank accounts. Plus, Adam Smith Games just banned a Communist country after they sought Virtual World Bank loans and then didn't implement the bank's "advice." A Communist country, banned on Christmas Day - I love this game!

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