Why Haven't They Made This?

Why Haven't They Made This?
Capitalism is teh suxx0r!!111!

Mark Wallace | 4 Oct 2005 08:05
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April 26
Welcome to Profitania [Emerging Socialism]. Now go home. The invasion was over pretty quickly, with N4dr turning my own small arms against my poor defenseless citizens. All they were doing was trying to make a buck. Now they've got stars in their eyes for N4dr's minimum wage laws and environmental protocols. We've already had to embargo one of our biggest trading partners because their factories were belching too much smog. I've been trying to steer things back toward Emerging Capitalism, but every time I introduce some luxury goods or a new regressive tax, N4dr puts on a big show of giving his people an extra day of vacation or free education. I think I see an opening, though.

One of the forum mods plays an Isolationist nation here on the Thatcher server and I've been communicating with him lately via the Diplomatic Pouch. Maybe he can help me.

May 10
Finally became a Capitalist country again, so I just have to hold the line against N4dr until I can graduate from Emerging to Free-Market like I used to be. Although I might put some price controls into effect, which could delay that. The clean oil production Profitania has in place since the invasion isn't exactly raking in the green, but we have a new product now: wheat. Through an extensive irrigation and land reclamation program (N4dr actually helped with this), we've been able to turn our economy around and diversify. I just launched a new Five-Year Plan last week (five years in game-time, that is, a little more than a month in real time), and its first fiscal quarter looks good. It better be, because I'm gonna need the money. I resigned from my job at the beginning of the month. Well, I was asked to resign, but as far as I could tell, all the legal papers they were asking me to sign were just holding me back anyway. So now I'm free to run my economy any way I want. EBay, here I come.

Mark Wallace is a journalist and editor residing in Brooklyn, New York, and at Walkering.com. He has written on gaming and other subjects for The New York Times, The New Yorker, Details and many other publications.

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