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It's Better to Have Loved and Lost...

JR Sutich | 11 Oct 2005 08:02
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Little things that I would have been willing to overlook before were becoming bigger and bigger issues for us. Some days I still think about the last big break-up we had. EA wanted to move to Trammel, and I wanted to stay in Felucca.

Sadly, I had to let EA go. We just weren't the same beings who met on a nameless half-court, some 17 years earlier. We still saw each other from time to time. But more often than not, any plans to be together would be suddenly cancelled by EA, with usually little or no warning. We had made arrangements to meet again in Britannia, but those never came to pass. I started visiting EA everyday, climbing into the cockpit of a 100-ton Battlemech to make the journey, but sadly it took away my 'Mech. I started to become distrustful. I didn't allow myself to expect EA to follow though with anything, to save myself the disappointment.

I guess I could have done things differently, been a better customer maybe. Perhaps I could have learned to accept EA for who it was, and adapted to its changes. I just wish that it could have been more understanding of my needs, and my wants. I wish it would someday remember how to be that which attracted me in the first place. I will always cherish those early memories we had together, how EA brought my friends and me closer together, and taught me valuable lessons about life, love and loss. Electronic Arts was the first name in the gaming industry I learned to respect, love, hate, somehow feeling all of those at once. EA helped make me a gamer; EA played a role in shaping me into who I am now.

How do I feel about Electronic Arts today? To understand my answer, you would have to think back to your first love. Not your first crush or your first kiss, but the first time you ever wanted to be with someone forever, and to have that person never change. Now imagine that almost 25 years have passed, and you are two totally different people. You still care about that person, and you still value her for her contributions to your life over the years.

I still love Electronic Arts. But, I am no longer in love with Electronic Arts. Does that make any sense?

If not, let me tell you about the time I left Sony Online Entertainment standing at the altar.

JR Sutich is a Contributing Editor for The Escapist Magazine and is rumored to have been banned from an online game during its initial design stage.

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