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Boll Versus the World

Susan Arendt | 14 Oct 2008 09:14
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"Sometimes, as a normal film fan, I want to see only an entertaining movie, and this is what I did with FarCry, with BloodRayne, with In the Name of the King. But from time to time I want to see movies that bring me something additional. Even if Postal is a funny comedy, Postal has a second level of political incorrectness in it. Seed is a brutal horror movie, but has a second level in it, where it goes about humanity in total, and has a very nihilistic point of view about humanity. And Stoic and Tunnel Rats are even more in that direction because they're both dealing with real situations."

He's not stopping there, either. Boll attempted to use comedy to touch on some very serious world issues with Postal, but the next time he tackles real-world politics, he's going to take a more direct approach. At the moment, he's preparing a movie dealing with the situation in Sudan. He expects it to be a very difficult movie to make, but is very passionate about the message that he hopes it will deliver. "I remember we all said after Rwanda, 'This cannot happen again, next time, we have to help, we have to stop it.' And now, it's happened again and nobody's stopped it! I think this is completely ridiculous. This is something where military power is needed. It's just not acceptable that every day, children are getting hacked in pieces and women are getting raped, and then hacked in pieces. This is unbelievable. So this is a serious movie I want to do next year."

Even a film about such grave subject matter as the horrors of Darfur may not be enough to counterbalance Boll's image as the guy who makes the shlocky videogame flicks, however. He's simply made too darn many of them. He's not sorry, though. "In every movie, I have stuff that I would change, but I don't regret the movie. I know House of the Dead was a silly zombie movie, but I like zombie movies, so I don't regret the movie, but I wish I'd had a better script and better characters."


There is one decision he does regret, however. "I would not do Alone in the Dark with Tara Reid again. I'd get a better actress. Never hire an actress before you've met her."

His sensibilities may have matured, and he may be a far more savvy and adept moviemaker than he was 10 years ago, but for many people, he's always going to be that guy who made House of the Dead. And perhaps that's what we need him to be. Audiences might laugh at Boll more than they laugh with him, but they're still being entertained. You have to wonder if anyone really wants him to make a good movie. If Boll isn't giving viewers something to mock and deride, is he still Uwe Boll?

Whatever else may be said or thought about him, there is one central truth to Uwe Boll: He loves movies and will continue to make them for as long as he can. "I hope 10 years from now, I still make movies, I hope at this point I also get some good reviews for some of my movies, and I hope I'm still in good shape and can keep going."

I hope so, too, Uwe.

House of the Dead is one of Susan Arendt's guilty pleasures. She watches it every Halloween.

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