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High Scores for Hope

Maxwell McGee | 24 Feb 2009 09:20
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Two months later The Speed Gamers arrived on the scene. Comprised of Britt LaRiviere, Tyler Worthington, Daniel Lewis and several others, this marathon group would later become one of the most successful and consistent teams in the marathon space. "I started out by tossing the idea around of making a game review site," reflected LaRiviere. "From there, it evolved into 'let's play the games live for hours on in, like a marathon.' Finally I decided that ... we should do it for something worthwhile, like a charity."


TSG's first marathon was also Zelda-themed, but with a few tweaks to Four 48's formula. Instead of four titles, they decided to increase the roster to seven and adopted a speed-run mentality for the event (hence their name). The team's first marathon was a success, clocking in at a modest 82 hours with $1,090 raised for St. Jude's. Since then, TSG has successfully completed numerous other events, including a Mario marathon, their highly successful Metroid marathon and their latest event, the Halloween marathon.

In preparation for the Halloween event, Britt and the rest of the team broke their tradition of sticking with a single gaming series and instead brought together several different horror titles to fit with the spirit of the season. Six titles in all made the cut, including Resident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness and BioShock.

With the games selected, TSG prepared the more technical side of their event. "We use a Dazzle DVC 100 capture card to capture our video," explained LaRiviere. "For our audio we put our games into mono sound mode and then take one of the composite cable's sound outputs and plug it into an RCA-to-headphone jack converter which we then run into our headphone slot on our computer."

To collect donations the group utilizes both PayPal and the web-based donation application ChipIn, which helps streamline the process. "The first time we used [ChipIn] was three marathons ago, during the Metroid marathon, but we've used PayPal from the very beginning."

With regards to hosting, "the first two marathons we used justin.tv and had two feeds: one of the gameplay and commentary and another for the view of the room that also had a person interacting with that chat to keep things lively. We then moved to Ustream.tv because of the co-host feature. Co-hosting enabled us to give a view of the commentator in the same feed as the gameplay."

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