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Nova Barlow | 9 Feb 2010 08:30
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World of Warcraft's Rock-Salted Pretzels (via Wrath of the Kitchen King):

Deep within the darkness of World of Warcraft's Blackrock Depths, you can find the Rock-Salted Pretzel, an excellent snack for any adventurer. They're not particularly hard to acquire in the game: Simply make your way to the Grim Guzzler tavern and you'll find a merchant selling the doughy snacks. In real life, the process is a bit more complicated than a simple bar run - something I didn't realize initially. The process started out innocently enough by mixing, kneading and letting things rise. Then I knocked down the dough, rolled it out and cut it into strips. By my third attempt, I had the pretzel shape on farm status.


A few hours passed and I realized I was still making pretzels. I rolled, I shaped, they sat and I waited. There's a lot of patience involved in this recipe, which is ideal for doing a quick round of daily quests, crafting some much needed potions for raiding or leveling your fishing skill. (It even provides an excellent excuse for leaving a dismal pick-up group: "Gotta go, need to check pretzels.") After returning to the stove and dipping 13 pretzels into a pot of boiling salt water, letting them sit for a short bit on a paper towel and coating them with egg wash and coarse salt, they were finally ready to be placed in the oven.

The recipe notes these baked goods are "master" level, and for good reason. When all was said and done, I felt like I'd been grinding my cooking skill for hours for that one final point. The final product was worth it: They're both delicious and suitable for a variety of dipping possibilities.

The Sims 3's Autumn Salad:

When looking up recipes for this article, I learned fairly quickly that most game-related recipes tend toward the "dessert" side of the spectrum, so I took it upon myself to contribute a dish that would give gamers (and me) a much-needed break from all the sugar, salt and fat. My main problem was I had no idea what to make. Thankfully, I found inspiration via an in-game dish in The Sims 3, a game I've lost far too much spare time playing.

My most developed Sim is a master chef, but I decided to pick a recipe every Sim can create: Autumn Salad. The in-game picture and recipe (which requires a head of lettuce and nothing more) was of little help, so I improvised. "Chimaera's Sims 3 Autumn Salad" requires almost no skill to replicate, just the following ingredients:

    Blue cheese or gorzongola, crumbled
    Apple, sliced
    Pears, sliced
    Croutons (optional)
    Raspberry vinaigrette dressing

The process is so easy that you probably won't level up your real-world cooking skill, but you can at least add "tasty salad" to your kitchen skill set. There are no measurements, naturally - after all, you know how much salad you can eat, so adjust accordingly. All you have to do is put that stuff in a bowl in any order and you're ready to chow down like a Sim - wherever you can find a chair. Autumn Salad is excellent and fast to make in any size and quantity, making it an ideal snack for long gaming sessions with minimal cleanup.

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