Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
You Asked, We Answered

The Escapist Staff | 6 Jul 2010 09:24
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What would you consider to be an amazing day at The Escapist? - Asked by Magnatek

Kara Lincoln, Sales Manager: Any day that includes baked goods, which happens quite often.


Do you guys regularly post in The Escapist forums, just for fun? What have been some of your favorite threads to read/post in? - Asked by Ramthundar

Susan Arendt, Senior Editor: I like to post as much as possible. I got into this industry because I love talking to people about games, and our community offers some of the most intelligent and informed conversation you're likely to find. I enjoy posting in the forums because The Escapist is the type of site I would visit even if I didn't work here. It's also important to me that the community knows us as people, and fellow gamers, and what better way for them to find out what we're like than to show up and chat?

What gave y'all the idea of setting up a Formspring page? Are y'all proud of The Escapist? If so then why? - Asked by DementedTeddy

Lauren Admire, Editorial Assistant: We decided to set up a formspring page because we realized that, though we know a lot about you guys, you may not know that much about us. Though the editorial team hangs out in the forums a lot, there are a bunch of other folks working here that you may want to get to know, and we wanted to give our users an opportunity to reach out to other staff members. We are very proud of The Escapist. It began as just a glimmer in Alex and Julianne's eye, and it's grown from there.

If you had a chance to voice act any role in any game, which would you pick? - Asked by Deofuta

Susan Arendt, Senior Editor: I'd absolutely love to be in a story-heavy game like Mass Effect or BioShock. The chance to play a really well-developed character would be marvelous.

Alex Macris, Publisher and CEO (Archon): I'd like to be a villain in a fantasy RPG. An evil sorcerer, perhaps.

What would be the oddest memory of working at The Escapist?

Susan Arendt, Senior Editor: There are plenty of odd moments. You kind of forget, in the day-to-day, how bizarre what we do for a living is. Every so often, you kind of have to take a step back and say "Yes ... I am getting paid to do this. This is my job." The most recent moment like that was while we were putting together materials for the Mario Party. Remember that video where we asked the staff about Mario games? Well, someone (Russ, I think) came up with the idea that we should all do the Mario at the end, but none of us remembered exactly how. So we gathered around a computer, looked it up, and took notes on what to do. There's something extremely surreal about grown adults seriously studying Captain Lou Albano's gyrations as the credits for a cartoon show run past. That's my job, folks. Sometimes it is just very, very odd.

What are the consequences of attempting to fake the funk? I'm too scared to try myself.
- Asked by MarbleDragon

John Funk, Games Editor: No one knows. No one has ever lived to tell the tale.

Who's the most underrated athlete?

Kara Lincoln, Sales Manager: Chicago White Sox's Jake Peavy. He's got a lot of heart, and isn't so hard on the eyes. Though I liked him a lot better when he was playing for my Padres (don't laugh!).

Greg Tito, Features Editor: I like the gamers, the guys that always put in quality play but never get recognized as stars. In basketball, I loved watching Tony Allen and his defense on Kobe Bryant in the Finals. But my current favorite is John McDonald on the Blue Jays. He's a utility infielder that's been in the MLB for over ten years and is a wonder with the leather, but unfortunately his bat will never let him start consistently. It's just a bonus that he's from my hometown of East Lyme, Connecticut.

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