Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
You Asked, We Answered

The Escapist Staff | 6 Jul 2010 09:24
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How long has Funk been collecting those Gundam Models? How many? How much did they all cost? - Asked by Greyfox105


John Funk, Games Editor: I've been a Gundam fan since ~2000, but I didn't really start collecting and building models until I was living on my own after I graduated. So it's been about two years now, and I have on my desk 15 different models of various size and complexity. The smallest maybe cost me $15, most cost $30-50, and some of the bigger ones ran me $80-100.

I also have a 1/100th RX-93 Nu Gundam Master Grade kit that has been half completed since last April because the screws are stripped and stuck half-in the torso. I can't get them out or in. Sadface.

Is there a preferred gaming platform amongst the staff? Do the staff have any sort of divides over what platform they think is best?

Kara Lincoln, Sales Manager: I think most of the people here have multiple platforms and aren't tied to a specific one. A few years ago, pre next-gen platform gaming, it was definitely PC heavy here in the office but now not so much I'd say.

Do you have any suggestions for an up-incoming game programmer (like a better method to learn C++)? - Asked by twaddle

Jason Smith, Technology Director (Virgil): I only have one real suggestion - program as much as you can on as many different platforms as you can get your hands on. The good news is that there are a lot of opportunities available for you to do this - XNA for Windows/Xbox, iPhone/iPad development, and Unity are all freely available frameworks with plenty of examples to build off of. Or try your hand at building a mod or add-on for existing games - particularly the ones with heavy scripting language support. It doesn't matter if they're any good at first, but everything you try will make you a better developer, and the lessons you learn building them will be invaluable in your future endeavors.

Why are you all so awesome?

Nick Haines, Associate Producer (Capn Crunch): The process is really quite complicated. Those of us that were grown in the lab go through a period of rigorous scientific testing to ensure we meet the minimum standard of awesomeness for Escapists, measured in "Giga-Trons." These tests may include "things that rhyme with Chewbacca," "name an obscure 8-bit game," and "using the 3 seashells," to name a few. Those that score in the top percentile qualify for staff, and the rest are blended into a kind of congealed soup that smells a lot like bacon, which is then recycled to make the next batch of hopefuls.

The "free-range" Escapist staff have it much harder though; in addition to the testing procedure, they must undergo a ritual initiation by a shaman of each tribe: Atari, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and Sega. The trials of the initiation process are as mysterious as they are dangerous - several of us bear scars from exhaustive flailing sessions with the Wii, and all have suffered the dreaded "controller claw" at the Trial of Atari. Those that pass all the trials are generally above the 200 Giga-Vader mark, and receive the honorific gold username and begin their training in Nerf warfare and the ancient practice of Dungeons & Dragons.

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