Miss Cleo Predicts Your Gamerscore

Miss Cleo Predicts Your Gamerscore
The Crystal Ball of Michael Pachter

Tracey John | 16 Nov 2010 09:22
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Although Pachter cited his boldness as a strength, it's also gotten him in hot water too, especially when it comes to certain videogame publishers. "Because I'm fearless, that means I'm not as cautious as I probably should be, and I say things that upset people. I'll say things like, 'The PSP Go is a rip-off,' and it hurts Sony's feelings. I didn't mean to hurt their feelings, but it was pretty expensive!"


"And I invite anybody who wants to influence what I say to reach out and call me," he continued. "If they don't like what I say, but they don't call me, then they should just be quiet and suck it up. I've had companies call me and yell at me after the fact. Well, if you don't like it, then call me and tell me why I'm wrong before I say it! I'm never going to apologize. If they say I don't have all the facts, then I ask them to give me the facts next time. Then they won't have that problem."

But publishers' feelings be damned. The one thing that makes Pachter really proud is the fact that most folks in the gaming industry can't name another analyst in the business. "You might be able to name one, but there are 35 of them and people can't name five of them," he said. "Why is that? I'm easy to get to, and I'm quotable. People come back to me because I'm articulate. My answers make sense, whether they're right or not. I don't know why my competitors [aren't like that]."

"Investors should [listen to me] because I'm really good, but look, I use the press," he admitted when I asked why we should listen to him. "It's a symbiotic relationship. I try to give you guys what you need, and I use the press to promote myself so that more investors want to talk to me. That helps me get paid more money."

Pachter might be the go-to guy for journalists because of his candor and his accessibility, but the gaming forums and comments sections aren't always so kind to him. No matter what they say, though, he takes it all with a grain of salt.

"I've had a couple of guys actually send me e-mails saying I should kill myself because I've said things like, 'Call of Duty should charge a subscription,'" he said, laughing. "But I don't write for the fanboys who say that I'm an idiot and I don't understand Nintendo. I write for investors because my client base cares if Nintendo is launching a new console ... I try to be as honest, thoughtful and logical as I can. I don't say stuff to get a reaction. I say it because I think it's going to happen or it's right."

But what does the future hold for Pachter? The 54 year-old expects to be doing this for another 5-10 years, at least. "I lost so much money in the market crash, I can't afford to retire," he said. "I need to work, but I don't really mind. I like working. My kids aren't even 11 yet, so I'm hoping I live long enough to have grandkids. That's my overall goal in life. That'd be fun."

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