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Give Me An Axe, I've Had Enough Of This Puzzle

Jonas Kyratzes | 14 Dec 2010 09:12
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You've been drawn into a fascinating adventure, and you're getting closer to solving a great mystery. A long way lies behind you, and you know that many challenges still lie ahead; but here, so close, is something you've been waiting for a long time. Now all you need to get past is ...

... a door.


A simple wooden door stands between you and the next step of this adventure. But wait! There's something strange about this door. Several objects seem to be attached to it, and there's no keyhole. Weird.

Coming closer, you realize the objects are actually sliders. On each slider there are twenty-seven mystical symbols that seem faintly familiar. Gingerly, you touch one of the sliders, and it moves - but as it does, the symbols on the other sliders change! Hmmm. You move another slider, and the same thing happens again. You begin to see a pattern. A very complicated pattern.

You move the sliders several times, but you don't seem to be making much progress. You're not even sure that the complicated pattern is really a pattern at all. What the hell is this?

You shove the sliders back and forth several more times. You stare at the door that is keeping you from continuing. You move the sliders again, and maybe there is a pattern, but you suspect it would take several pages of notes to figure out. You wonder who normally uses this door and how they get through here every day. And what's with those symbols, anyway? Everyone you've met so far seems to be speaking English.

You apathetically poke the sliders around, knowing you could solve this, but this is like overly complicated math, it -

Wait a minute.

This is a wooden door, and you have an axe in your inventory. It ought to be possible ... if this was real, it would be absolutely possible.

You open your inventory and take the axe, and you smash down the door. With every bit of wood that flies past your ears as you laugh maniacally, hacking and hacking, you are drawn back into the adventure, and now it is all real, and you're there, and as you step over the splinters of those annoying sliders you see that you have found something truly remarkable, and your journey has only begun.

What you've just read is a scene I've always dreamed of including in one of my games. It gives expression to some of the most profound feelings and desires I have when it comes to videogames, a philosophy that can also be formulated in the following way: I hate puzzles.

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