What Happens in New Vegas

Russ Pitts | 18 Jan 2011 09:05
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One hundred hours is a very long time. How long? Well, it's more than four days if lived end-to-end. But most of us sleep at night, so 100 hours works out to the equivalent of about one waking week. Or, if you have a normal-type job, 100 hours is two and a half working weeks. Or three weekends. Or in other words: a long time.


What can you do in 100 hours? Well, you could drive from New York City to Los Angeles and back and still have time to stop for burgers, making it sort of a vacation, if that's your idea of fun. Or you could make it a real vacation and take that same trip by train and see the country, meet some interesting people maybe have some time to spare. Or you could fly and have a few days to visit Disneyland. Or, if you just like flying, you could fly completely around the world a little over three times with stops along the way, although why you would want to do that is beyond my reckoning.

Let's say you don't like flying or taking trains, and you don't have a car.You could spend those 100 hours reading 10 or so average novels or, if you're a gamer, playing 10 or so games. That is, unless one of those games happens to be Fallout: New Vegas, in which case you'll be lucky to get through the whole thing in 100 hours. I didn't.

What follows is a travelogue of sorts, detailing my experiences during the first 100 hours of playing Fallout: New Vegas. Is the game fun? Well, yes. I wouldn't have played it for 100 hours otherwise. (As of this writing, I've played for another 100 or so.) But in addition to being fun, the game is sloppily coded, visually flawed and buggy as all hell. It's worth playing, but just as with taking a cross-country vacation, you're in for as much frustration as enjoyment.


The Gunfight(s) at the Goodsprings General Store
I awaken from having been shot in the head and left to rot in the desert to find myself in the town of Goodsprings. My mission: Find the man who shot me. But first, the town needs my help. I may be a washed up courier with a hole in his head, but I'm apparently the best hope they've got ... unless the bad guys try to walk through a door and their systems lock up, as happens to me at least twice before I've even left the tutorial missions.

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